Gentle Touch Grooming

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New Customers

And as always, new customers receive 10% off their first visit!!

Limit one discount per visit.

 Offers cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.

*Full groom service varies by breed.  If a breed requires haircuts, then a full service groom is defined as a haircut, bath, brush, nails, and ears.  If a breed does not have a coat that requires clipping, a full groom will be defined as a bath, brush-out / de-shed, nails and ears.  Bath or partial groom services on long-haired breeds will not qualify for the 8 week discount.

Pawdicure Pass

Enjoy unlimited nail trims for one full year!  

Nail care is extremely important to your dog's overall health.  Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, and eventually will even cause permanent injury to the bones and ligaments in a dog's foot, leading to arthritis, limping, and radiating body pain.  Don't let that happen to your pet!

Our Pawdicure Pass is just $50 a year for a single pet, or $75 a year for multiple-pet households.  

Nail trims do not require an appointment, but we appreciate it if you call ahead to let us know you're coming.


Frequent Flyer Program

Keeping your pet on a regular schedule for grooming benefits everyone.

Proper grooming schedules help prevent long coats from getting matted or tangled, and gives groomers the opportunity to monitor skin, ears, nails, and anal glands for issues.

We are now offering a 5% discount for every full groom service* completed with in 8 weeks of your last full groom.  

Stay on schedule, get rewarded!!  

Freshen Up Service

Help keep your pet smelling fresh longer, reduce dander and shedding, control skin allergies and irritations, and more!  

Now enjoy 25% off a bath & brush out service within 30 days of your last full groom service!

Includes bath & brush, blow-dry, and nail trim.  Any other services requested will be charged additionally.

Customer Rewards Programs