Gentle Touch Grooming

​                                                    by Aly

Online Booking Instructions

Please read all instructions before proceeding to Online Booking!!!

1. Enter all of your information in the form provided.

2. Choose a Service- if you are unsure whether you are looking for a Bath, Full Groom, or Tidy-Up, please visit our Services page first to read the descriptions of each package.

3. If you have a preferred groomer, please select that groomer from the list.  You will not be able to request a different groomer on the day of your appointment.

4. If you have any special requests as far as shampoos, if your dog is aggressive, or you have any other important information to convey, please use the Comments box on the last page to enter that information, or feel free to send us an additional email explaining your circumstances.

5. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE PETS:  Please enter information for one pet only on the form.  You will need to make a separate appointment for each pet.  DO NOT enter your pets' names as "X & Y" in one appointment request.  This will result in an automatic refusal of your request.

6.  If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call or email us for assistance.

7.  Your appointment is not complete until it has been reviewed and confirmed by the salon.  The confirmation number you receive immediately after sending your request is NOT a confirmation of booking, it is a confirmation of your request being received.  The notice you get when your request has been reviewed will clearly state that your request was either ACCEPTED or DECLINED.

8.  All new clients must bring their dog's rabies paperwork to their first visit.  Tags are not acceptable.

 CLICK HERE to enter our Online Booking Website.