Show Services

Limited availability, we do offer some grooming and prep work for conformation shows.  Call for details.

We offer 3 basic types of packages for your grooming needs.

ALL our packages include the following:

-Hydrosurge Bath

-Tear-Free Facial Scrub

-Hand Fluff Dry & Brush Out

-Nail Trim

-Ear Cleaning/Plucking

-Anal Glands (Optional)

Basic Service Packages

Gentle Touch Grooming

​                                                    by Aly

Specialty Services

Gift Certificates

You can now purchase Gift Certificates!  The perfect holiday gift.  Available any any amount you wish to give.  

Premium Spa Services

Prices vary by breed and coat type, please contact the salon for an estimate.

Cancellations should be made 24 hours prior to your appointment time, or you will be charged the full price of your appointment.

Detoxifying Mud Bath

New!  Draws impurities from the skin and coat leaving them smooth, healthy, and nourished.

Creative Touches

Bows, bandanas, nail polish, hair color, glitter sprays and more!  Fun colorful touches to give your pet an extra sparkle.

Premium Skin  & Coat Treatments

Now available!  Specially designed treatments incorporate specialty shampoos, conditioners, and after-groom sprays to maximize benefits for your pet's skin and coat.  Includes de-shedding , color-enhancing , soothing skin , deep coating conditioning, and more!

Premium Upgrade Package

Features a specialty skin & coat treatment, toothbrushing & breath freshener, nail dremel, and finishing coat spray.  

Full Groom​​

Includes any shave-down, breed clip, or full-body pet trim of your choice.

Tidy-Up Groom​​

Includes pad & sanitary trim, face trimming, light scissoring on feathered breeds.

Dental Scaling​​

No anesthesia needed!  We work with your pet in gentle sessions to scrape away tartar and buildup, leaving them with a pearly smile!

Bath & Brush​​

A good bath & brush out for short-haired breeds or in between grooming, does not include any clipping or trimming.

Terrier Stripping

A lost art, our groomers can maintain a terrier's signature wiry coat with this grooming method, making your pet look and feel like a show dog!

Other Services

Pick Up / Drop Off Services

Now available!!  Crofton Dog Walkers will provide drop off/pick up services to our salon from your home for a small fee.  Please contact them directly at 

(410) 487-1517 for information.